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After you browsed through our site and decided to get our plugin (because you need it!) there are few steps you need to take in order to install the Search + plugin.

Choose which plan you want and take it

We will take now the free plan for the example.


Next step is the registration

Just choose user name, enter your email address and password and of course if you want leave a nice comment for the person that told you about the plugin or just don’t say anything. After you are ready, click the “Next” button.


You are now at the “Plan” section

In our example we use the free plan, so you just click again the “Next” button. You do the same also with the paid plans.


The last thing is the payment

In our example the plan is free, so you just need to click the “Finish” button. Of course, if you choose a paid plan you will need to either enter your credit card information and pay online, or choose the bank transfer method and at the end go to the “Finish” button.


After the registration is finished you will enter your profile

You can see all the details here and get your activation code (Token).


Next thing you will need to do is to download the plugin, you need

For now, there are three options. In this example here, we are going to use the plugin for Joomla.


In order to install the plugin, you have two options

You either download it to your computer or install it by using URL. We are now going to see how the both options work.

Installing by downloading the plugin

Just download the plugin to the computer.


After the download is finished, go to Joomla and enter your profile. Then go to “Extensions / Manage" and select Install.


Now select “Upload package file” and just upload the file that you downloaded from .


When the upload is finished, the package must be installed.


Next step is to activate the plugin. For that to happen you have to login as an Administrator and go to “Extensions” and select “Modules” from the drop menu.


Now find the Search Plus plugin and click on it, so that you can edit the plugin.


Now you can manage the plugin. First thing to do is to paste the activation code(TOKEN) that you got with your registration.


Then go to the right. Do you see where it says “Position”? Now type there or select “Position 0”.


The last thing left to do is to go to “Menu Assignment” and select the plugin to apply on all pages.


Now click the button “Save” on the top left corner.

Installing the plugin using URL

The second option to install the Search+ plugin is by using URL. First you have to copy the link on our website, which is that:


Then go again to Joomla and select “Extensions”, then “Manage” and then “Install”.


Now select “Install from URL” and paste the copied link in the box there.


Click “Check and Install”.

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