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Awesome Features

We have developed a bunch of useful feature which will improve dramatically the user experience of the people who are trying to find information into your website.

Voice Recognition

Dictate your query instead of using the slow keyboard.

Type Ahead

Smart suggesting what the user is trying to type.

Did You Mean?

Automatically detect and fix typing errors or ambigious statements.


Detect typing in a shorthand dialect an translate it to a language Your search engine understands.


For Your convenience we have created different gateways which answer the different requirements of our users.



This is the portal for the end users. There, You might test your service, manage its settings or alter payment methods or plans.


The place for sellers. Observe Your users payments and calculate your final income. The portal presents usefull analytics and prediction tools.


Here are located the different flavors of content which has to be installed at the client, such as JavaScript snippet or the WordPress and Joomla plugins.

Best User Experience

Searching is a vital part of the information usage.

We at Soundex had improved значително the satsfaction of the users, which they experience while accessing the information they need by offering a set of features which elevate searching at its deserved level.

Features as:

  • • Did You mean?
  • • Type ahead
  • • Transliteration
a priveledge of the biggest in the market, now are available to all.

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Our Pricing Plans

We provide affordable packages, best suited for Your needs. If You have some custom demands which do not fit here, please contact the sales team at sales@soundex.bg.


$0.0/Per Month

  • Did You Mean?
  • Autocmplete
  • English

$0.98/Per Month

  • All Features
  • 10 Custom Words
  • 2 Native Languages

$9.98/Per Month

  • All Features
  • 1,000 Custom Words
  • 5 Native Languages

Download Your Package Now

Below are the bundles we have prepared for You.
More options are coming, we will add them here when they become available.

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